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What is the Secret to Successful Long-Term Care Planning?

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If You Wait…You Lose!

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is too not stop questioning."

- Albert Einstein -

Independence— It Starts With Planning.

Not sure what the “Golden Years” will actually hold?

If you have been ignoring or denying the need to plan for long term care, you are not alone.

Too many families avoid planning for the risk.

The result, families are faced with many very tough decisions and are at a great disadvantage as how to manage the complexities of extended care needs. 

Many are currently dealing with or have been faced with family long-term care experiences. 

The one thing they all shared in common was underestimating the great impact providing care has had on their family and retirement plans.

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Why the Confusion Regarding Long Term Care?

Several key decision making points:

  • The financial alternatives (Government, Independent Options)

  • Your Personal Resources

  • Perception versus reality

  • Complexity of choices

  • Lack of a comprehensive source of information, many conflicting interests.

Without complete accurate information it makes it tough to plan for extended care/ long term care needs.

Be Wise. Get the Facts Today!



Implementing a Plan is a
Collaborative Effort

Executive LTC Services:
A Caring Company


Our Commitment Will Be Apparent.

Executive LTC Services is staffed with exceptional consultants who undergo extensive and continuous training. Our first-class professional group is dedicated too continuously earning your trust and ensuring your success

Sensitive Staff That Listens Carefully

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At Executive LTC Services, we have the background and skills necessary to take a comprehensive view of our client’s situation offering them a customized plan of action and guiding hand.

We blend technical expertise with integrity, empathy in order to provide sound advice.

We recognize that we all lead active and complex lives and understand that managing choices is more complicated and time-consuming than ever before. That is why many families rely on our wisdom and perspective, and trust our expertise to help them navigate through challenging, and important stages of their lives.


In most firms, each advisor has his or her own set of clients.  In our firm, we work as a team for our clients.  We believe the combined wisdom and expertise of a team of quality professionals adds value to every strategy we undertake.

Our clients enjoy the idea of having a trusting relationship with a team of competent and caring advisors to coordinate their affairs.  Working with our team provides them with a level of confidence and security so they can concentrate on the more meaningful things in their life.

It is the personal relationship with our team that benefits our clients the most. It’s all about understanding your family values, goals, hopes, dreams, aspirations and motivations that allows us to provide a customized plan of action and a guiding hand appropriate for your family.

Our clients find great value in the consolidation and simplification of their complex financial matters and focus on their long-term goals.

We understand how financial matters impact every area of life – from work and family, to lifestyle and charitable interests.  

Our process provides a great education about this difficult topic and a family centered approach that makes it all easy.

We are here to provide you all the necessary tools including pricing, company comparisons and guidance in finding the right options to protect your family.

After our analysis we will provide concrete written recommendations.

Actionable - Realistic - With Full Disclosure.

You will be empowered to choose wisely, understanding the risks,

pitfalls and advantages of each choice.

Our process enables families to make the right choice with no regrets.

In the end, the only measure of our success is the fact that we have made a positive difference in the lives of our clients.

A secure comfortable retirement is not an accident , It’s all about hard work and good advice. 

Become Empowered!

How would you like independent information without company hype?

How would you like hands-on guidance that covers a specific path to make the important decisions in the extended care planning process?

Our proven process will provide you great confidence in your decision. You will know you did the best for your family!

Executive LTC Services: 

Our Focus is Enabling Families

Our process provides many Employer Groups, National Associations and individuals families a comprehensive solution clearly explained.

Our extensive experience designing effective Long-Term Care/Extended Care planning options gives us a great advantage in this age of lower returns and longer lives, long term insurance, provides a firewall that protects your entire family 

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Because of the quickly evolving long-term care market you need experienced professionals to provide accurate and up to date information.

Our process includes having a thorough knowledge of state and federal programs, tax advantaged options and complex benefit features, this enables us to provide you concise educational information and a precise course of action.

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Our choices provide excellent value and well thought out solutions. We are completely impartial in our recommendations and can offer any LTCI option nationally available. We will provide several choices representing the best values.


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Personalized Feasibility Study With Comparison Quotes Click Here